Lawguide is engaged in providing Legal Services and Legal Advice in the matter of obtaining Legal Heir Certificate / Succession Certificate in the entire States of Telangana and the Andhra Pradesh on a fast track basis.  Some areas where Legal Heir or Succession Certificate is required:

  1. Residential PlotsLegal Heir Certificate - Law Guide
  2. Flats
  3. Houses
  4. Cultivable lands
  5. Bank Lockers
  6. B. Accounts/ Saving Bank Accounts
  7. Fixed Deposits
  8. Share Transfers
  9. Loan Continuation
  10. Insurances

The Administrator General Court established in the High Court premises, Hyderabad is competent to give Legal Heir Certificate for a value up to Rs.10.00 lakhs for both moveable and immoveable properties.  If the value of the property exceeds Rs.10.00 lakhs, the parties have to approach the Civil Court.

The jurisdiction of the above Court extends to both the States of Telangana and the Andhra Pradesh.

If a person dies intestate (without executing any will), leaving behind him various classes of heirs and property (both moveable and immoveable), he/she is supposed to obtain Legal Heir/Succession Certificate from the Administrator General Court, High Court premises  at Hyderabad by filing the necessary Petition which is called Certificate of Administration(C.A.).  The procedure for obtaining the C.A. is as follows.

For the purpose of filing the case (C.A. – Certificate of Administration), the following details are required:-

  1. Affidavit of the Applicant / Applicants on Rs.10/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper and the applicant is supposed to furnish the following particulars:–
  • Full particulars of the deceased, his / her occupation / service and the last known address
  • Details of all the Legal Heirs of the deceased, namely, name, age, occupation and address and how they are related to the deceased
  • Particulars of claim of moveable, immoveable etc., assets left by the deceased by submitting original documents in proof of the same.
  1. 2(two) Nos. of Third Party Affidavits of responsible persons in support of the Applicant’s claim by giving details of their acquaintance, knowledge, etc., on Rs.10/- Non Judicial Stamp Paper.
  2. In case the Legal Heirs of the deceased have no objection for the grant of Certificate of Administration in favour of the Applicant / Applicants, they have to file Consent Affidavit on Rs.10/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper.
  3. Original documents relating to the claim, either moveable or immoveable assets of the deceased, have to be filed. Documentary evidence, such as, Share Certificates, Sale Deeds, Payments made towards house properties / rents / water charges, power charges etc.)
  4. A Petition affixing Rs.2/-Court Fee Stamp in proper format with Prayer seeking the relief.
  5. Requisite Court Fee has to be paid after the judgment is delivered.
  6. The Applicant/s, Third Parties, Parties giving Consent Affidavits etc., are all required to submit the Aadhar Card / PAN Card / Voter ID Card/Driving Licence/ Passport / Employment or Service Proof etc.
  7. Vakalat of the Counsel
  8. Batta for respondents to be paid
  9. In case the Court issues notice to any Authority, Institution, Department of the Government, Local Authority, etc., separate batta to be deposited towards the same.
  10. Once the Court admits the matter after satisfying with all the requirements, various court steps will follow, such as, giving paper publication, leading evidence, marking of documents

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